Monday, April 18, 2011

Woot We made it!!!! You did it!!!

Thank you so much for all your support in helping me reach my goal. You all did it. And it really shows how supportive we can be of one another. I know some of you have a huge competetive streak in you and there is nothing wrong with a woman who goes after what she wants and who helps others reach their goals as they try to reach a goal themselves. 160 as  I count right now Paula, CricutChick,Gloria,and Deanna,  in no certain order are in the running for the referral contest portion that will have a stamp set of your choice.Well now not  that  I am not happy that I reached 150 ,in fact I am super excited how you all pulled through for me and knowing that  I do not have much content on my site with my blog still being fairly new. There are a few reasons for that as I explained in an earler post this month. I am going to be changing my content up and have been talking and networking with some great peeps in the biz. They have all been so receptive to my ideas and  I can not wait to share everything  I will be doing with all of you. We have some big supporters for what  I will be rolling out and while dusting off the shelves and getting ready for the new stage of my blog.Which will be bigger and better,  I appreciate the patience. SO with that said Why not shoot for more followers. What can  I do to sweeten the pot???A cart Of choice hmmm??  Maybe another stamp set from one of your favorite companies hmm. O.k this will be a surprise and a good  one .Jeanne Siegal I have not forgotten about you. Got your email and your zip So you prize is on its way from the Feb contest. Sorry about the delay but you and I kept crossong paths with emails and we are straight now.  I think you will love your prize girl. So I will end the referral contest portion since you lil crafty gals are so good at a lil competition  I will let it go till tomorrow. Isnt it worth another stamp set or a cart?? Who knows what will be thrown in but itwill be good you know it!!!!!  Im ending it at noon just to give some of those who lined their blogs a chance to get some more referrals. i am limiting it though to those who already have theur blogs linked but not limiting the people who are referring if the ydo not have blogs.  ihope this makes  sense as  ialready have the names of those in the lead as posted above so it will not affect those in a bad way only betters your chance ie. CricutChick  That is just an example and does not mean that is who has won but used as an example. So if you started referring like she did then keep it going and at noon it stops. Again it just gives you extra chances. Its a close tie ladies. BigBigBig hugs for all your help. Oh and anothersweet prize becasaue the pot just got sweeter. You will have to stand by for the news. You will like the extra prize of choice on this one.


  1. I just got on the computer and CRICUT CHICK has her posting.. so new blog - new follower.. Congrat's. Check out my blog if you would.. I so LOVE to find blogs that emphasize on the 'BUG" and cuttlebug and... Congrat's. One day I hope to be there! Doris

  2. YEAH!!!! I knew you could do it girl!!!!! Had a fantastic day with you!!! hugs

  3. :) very cool. so happy for you. :)