Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winners ,well one of them so far

Yeah Yeah Yeah, We did it. Thanks so much for coming on over . At least you all know I exsist even though I do not have to many projects up on my blog you came on over and showed the support. I so appreciate all of you for becoming followers and for referring others to come to my site. We even passed the 150 mark and Im so very excited. Well I will make this short because I know how you all just love reading my 10 minute stories. For the referral part of the contest Cricut Chick came in first place. Now for the other winner who is being drawn the app for that on my blog is being very testy, So I will have to give you the answer to the other winner well later today since it is almost 2 am. CricutChick and the other winner will win Pearl ex powders and Cricut Chick also gets a second sweet surprise and she already knows what that is.  So yeah to you for making this so great for me. I hope that all of you will come back to see who the other winner is and also visit often as we have some great fun planned. Thanks again for making this happen and for making it fun. Hugs,Stacey

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