Monday, February 21, 2011

The correct answers ,Doodlecharms and Celebrations

Hapy Monday everyone.  Did you have agreat weekend?  Is it still cold where you are living?  We here in NC have had beautiful weather since right around Valentines Day.  Wonder if that weather is going to stick around.  It brings to mind that I need to get off my rear  and do a little working out. As Spring approaches it always reminds you, well at least me that  I need to get moving.  Time to start taking out the spring clothing that you have packed up for the Fall and winter seasons.  A little more skin will be showing and  that means tone up for me.

Let's see what else can we talk about?  The dog is fed. Yeah ,Noah is in School.  No day off for him like the other children.  Are your kids off for President's Day?  HMMMMM  Oh yeah do you want to know who won the challenge/contest?  O.K. that is what we will talk about!!!!!!

Because  I was not clear on where to post your answers and you can understand why that would have caused an issue  I will be giving another surprise to someone who entered the contest.  So for the answer of the cuts  I used on my lady bug card  Alura wins DOODLECHARMS CART.  For  the  super secret surprise the winner is #4 Jeanne Seigal.  If you ladies will contact me via fb  with a way to send your prizes I would be ever so happy to send them to you.  To everyone else your creations were beautiful and I so appreciate your time ,effort and support in joining in on the fun.  Hugs, Stacey  BTW There will still be a surprise for the 150 followers wich will be chosen randomly so it will be totally fair for the person who wins.  we are Almost there.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I feel so blessed

So  Isee you all have been very, very busy making cards and projects and wow, the competition is great.  All very talented crafters .  The submissions so far have been so outstanding .  It is not quite quitting time so you still have a chance to put in your card and your answers to the question.  Well I feel so blessed to have come as far as I have this week.  Not just because the amount of follwers that I got ut because of the quality of the people who became followers this week.   I have made some new friends, chatted with older friends and even got some phone calls from some new followers.  At first  I was so set on getting those 150 people to my blog.  Then I realized it was not so important to have that many people at once.  It would have been nice but I am so happy with the blessings I have been blessed with this week.  This contest and this week ,a very special week as some of you may know, has really taught me so much.  One thing that comes to mind is that it is important to stay connected with the following you do have.   I do owe some of you an email.  I am trying to get this blogging thing down.   I will be in contact with you all,so please do not feel neglected.  You all are what makes this site so much fun and I want it to be a fun place where you can come and share your creations whether there is achallenge or not.   With all of that said all of you have really made me feel special and blessed by chosing to follow me when you could have not .  I am going to announce the winner/s tomorrow. Even though I did not reach the 150, there will be another surprise besides the DOODLECHARMS Cartridge.  So keep scrappin those cards you still have time to get them in before midnight.  Thanks again and heres to a rockin week here at I'm in Love with a Bug

I am so SUPER excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello friends, I am so super excited for a few reasons.  Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.  What is everyone up to today?  Are getting your scraprooms organized ,hanging with the family or just getting caught up on come of your crafting projects?
  Well I can tell you I am so excited to see so many people coming by to visit my page.  I am super excited that in just a short time this week I have gained so many new scrapping friends.  Your cards and creations are gorgeous and I am so super excited that you all are putting up your guesses for  answering the question .  Where did my two cuts come from on my lady bug card.  As you can see I extended the date for the 150 followers .  I did not get my linking tool up as fast as I wanted to because I could not decide on which product I wanted to go with.
You still have time to enter the card challenge.  That ends this evening.  Because I was not clear on where to put your answer and why that would cause issues there will be another prize.  So that makes 3 total prizes.

So you want to know what my other reason is for being so super excited?  Well I was given a blog award. Yeah I am so honored to have been chosen.  The details of that award are not up yet.  But I only feel it is appropriate to accept the award because of all the hard work Kari of KariandCo. did on my site.  Her banner is at the bottom of my page if anyone is interested in having a blog or web page done.  So with all that said ,please continue to stop by,follow and subscribe as  I have to go do some shopping for another sweet surprise.  Ta Tah.  What would you like to see as a prize given away on my Site?  Best, The Bug Lover

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am changing end date For DOODLECHARMS Give away

Hello friend, in all fairness since I  did not chose my linking tool  until Wednesday of this week, I am changing the end date for the pink,green and black card challenge until Sun evening.  You may use any cartridge you like and if you have none,just use the color challenge.   I want to make it fair for everyone.  Also can you guess what wo cuts  I used to make my ladybug card?  The person who makes a card and makes a correct guess wins a brand new DOODLECHARMS.  If  I make it to my goal of 150 followers by Sunday I have a super sweet secret surpise for that too. some join in on the fun.  I hope to see your creations all over the page.  Thanks for stopping by and following.

Oh how I just love my new blog and the special person who created it!!!!

I must say that I am loving my new blog and Kari of KariandCo. in Dallas ,Texas.  She is amazing at what she does and I am forever grateful for all her hard work and dedication in developing this place where I can come and share my LOVE of all things crafts.  What a wonderful platform in which to share the thing you love to do most.  It has been wonderful therapy for me this past year.  Some of you know why and I will leave it at that.  Kari girl you rock. Check her out. Her banner is at the bottom of my page.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DoodleCharms Clarifications - And - Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - I am glad to see your stopping by to see my posts from yesterday.

To be clear on some things, I am going to restate some things because there is a little confusion.  I am known for causing confusion... but not on purpose. Please forgive me if I have confused you.

I officially started blogging YESTERDAY and since the Valentine's holiday was coming up - and this past weekend marked a very special day in my life (some of you know what that is, and for now, I will keep it at that...) I decided to do a contest in honor of all those things.

For the contest I am giving away a DoodleCharms Cartridge for the Cricut.

To enter the contest, you must:

1: Guess the two cuts I used for the card posted with the lady bug on it. The two cuts are the lady bug and the green layer under the ladybug. What cart/s did those cuts come from? Post the answer in the comment section below.

2: Then, make a card using pink, green and black. You do not have to own a Cricut machine to make your card and if you do own a Cricut, you can use any cart you wish as long as you use the stated colors. Upload a picture of your creation below!

3: Then, become a follower and subscribe to my blog!

There will also be a second prize if I meet my goal of 150 followers by Friday of this week.

Good luck - and thank you so much for participating. I really hope everyone has fun playing along.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Great Valentine's Day

I so hope that everyone had a nice day or evening with the ones they love yesterday. I had a nice dinner with my son and hubby.

My little boy tried lobster for the fist time. Quite surprising when he piped up and said he would like a lobster tail. I must say - there were no faces or complaints while he was eating it. He did a good job.

I received a few emails about Mr. Linky not being up - and although I had planned to get him up yesterday - it did not happen. I'll get him up so that I can see all of your wonderful cards and creations.

You have until Friday of this week, and I'll draw based on the correct answers and also - a second prize for making it to 150 followers. All of the instructions are in my February posts. You can find the button for those on the lower left area of my page.

I thank everyone for being patient - as I am adding new things to my page/blog daily. I didn't realize how technically challenged I really was. Here's to learning new things.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Card Used In DoodleCharms Giveaway

My First Giveaway

Hello my friends yes my first official post. I thought in honor of the holiday coming up I would a give away. It wil be a DOODLECHARMS CARTRIDGE. O.K for the giveaway, You must figure out what cuts I used and what cart or carts I used. Make a card using pink,green,and black. Leave a link to your card and comment on this post. I will post my card later so that will give you a head start on making your card. Good luck everyone. Oh yeah, dont forge to subscribe and become a follower.  I have lots in store for this month.  Blog candy and posts of things I have made to put up icluding how to videos.  Please, if you have a blog and you would like for me to check it out and follow,do not forget to leave that with either the link to your card, email me or follow me so I can follow you.  Again Good luck to everyone.  I would love to have at least 150 followers by Friday of this week when I draw for the DOODLECHARMS cart.  If I can get 150 followers I will give out a 2nd prize.  That one will be a secret.  For that prize you will not have to make a card, guess what cuts from the cart/s I used but just leave a comment under this post and become a follower and subscribe . I would though love to see a lot of cards with this color challenge.  If you do not own a machine to die cut, you may still enter the card challenge using the colors stated.  You may also use any cart for this color challenge if you do own a machine.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Bug Lover's PARADISE

Have we hit a jackpot of an online store for us crafty gals -!  Whether you are using the Cricut Cake to make beautifully adorned baked goodness, or one of the other Cricut machines for scrapbooking and other crafts - such as the Cricut Expression, or perhaps - you already have your machine but need Cricut accessories or Cricut cartridges for your machine - this online store HAS IT. And - most importantly - has fantastic service, a huge selection - and it's all in one place.

They are also very active in the social networking circles - such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They even have how-to videos and new product insight like the video below.

If you're a crafter - and you need an online source for all things Cricut - look no further than!