Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thanks and Technical Difficulties

Hello bloggy crafty friends. You all are so awesome for all the hard work and help sending new followers my way to my blog. Wow I almost did not think I was going to make it but with friends like you what was  I thinking?   You all worked so hard to get new viewers to my blog . I wish  I could give something to each of you.  Hey maybe one day right??? I have all these new followers now and am so excited. Most or some of you know my content will be changing and I am so hapy about that. There is not much content  and some know why and some of you do not. My blog is really new. Well really since mid February of this year. I have made some things and posted only a few picks of them. I have so much more to post. I will post them before the blog changes direction. This last year and the time I have spent recouping has almost been a blessing. It has really made me take stock and really really realize where my passions lie. God, my two favorite men(hubby and my lil Noah) Not so lil anymore he is having a big milestone birthday in May.Where does the time go? I feel like he was just born. Well most daysLOL!!!!!

 Well on to the contest. The contest rules were to just follow. All you had to do to win was follow. For more chances at winning you had the opportunity to link the contest on your blog or on fb or send some people my way for more chances to win. Pretty simple . Well Cricut Chick and Paula QuickDriver pretty much tied for first place. My intentions were to give out two prizes but like I stated  Iwish I could give to all of you. So Cricut Chick and Paula know whats coming their way. CCis getting Pearl ex powders and chose a Pooh Font Cart from Custom Crops. Paula is receiving Pearl ex powders and a stamp set of her choice from Sarah Pink Cricut's line of stamps PBD. For the random follower they will recieve also a set of  pearl ex pigments and random .org is acting crazy wonky on my blog. So that is why WE do not have the winner of that portion of the contest. As mentioned I stated  I was going to give the most refferal person the two items and the random follower a set of the powders but  I had so many that helped out and the two ladies tied I felt it only fair to give to both o them. I did mention when  I extended the contest an extra 12 hrs that there would be a surprise in store and that surprise was a cart and that is what Cricut Chick chose instead of a stamp set. So you never know what you might get when  I run a follower contest. Easy peasy kind of contest .Just by being a follower you havea chance of winning and referring and having your referrals comment who sent  them helps me chose the winner. For the follower that will receive the other set of Pearl ex pigments thanks for your patience on the random .org and I should have it in place by Wed. Thanks for a great contest and  I hope that you will continue to stick around as we get ready to start the content change .Chat with you all tomorrow. Night Night. Stacey

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