Sunday, April 10, 2011

Liebster Blog Award Yeah!!!!!!!

Hello Crafty friends  Iknow it has been a while since  Ihave created anything to put up on my blog. But right now  Iwant to announce that  Iwas schosen by three people for the Liebster Blog Award. I was Chosen by Deb,Monica and Donna. Thank you so much for handing this award out to me and I am honoredto be oneof your scrappy pals. You are supposed to pass this award onto other bloggers who havea following of 300 or less to get their blog recognized.  Iam sorry that when I was awarded these awards by these three great ladies that Iwas also very busy with personal stuff and some of the people I had origionally chosen are now past the 300 mark. I still feel the need to give this award to them as promised already. They are all very deserving and creative ladies.  for this award you are to also recognize and link back to the person who honored you with this award as well as pass it on to 3-5 people that you feel are deserving. I was awarded this award 3 times in one week so  ifelt it only fair to pick at least 3 or more for each peson that selected me. Also you must copy and paste this award on your sit for everyone to see that you are a Liebster Blog Award winner. congrats to all and again thanks to the ladies who chose me.So here is the list in no particular order.
Jeanne -thecricutcorner    Claire-kleirrskreation      Monica-scraps2treasure
Brandi -learningthecricut  Janie-TypicalScrapbooker Paula-scrapyourworld1            
Stacey- creatingacraftylifeDianne-diannesscrappycreations Rosy sweetdelightpapernmore  Deanna- deannascreations                
Alright so there you go ladies. 11 great creative ladies that were promised thisa month ago in my notes on fb such creative ladies. Dont forgetto pass it on and link back to who you recieved this award from. Thanks for your patience again.


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