Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweetening the pot

Hey ladies and crafty friens. You all know Sarah at Pink By Design who has the snazziest stamp set going these days in the crafty world. IMO. Well I have decided to add that to the pot. For the person who has the most referrals to my site I will throw in a set of her stamps limited to 20 bucks or under and its your choice of what stamps you want not what I want you to have. So hows that for sweetening the deal????? Well start reffering and make sure you let your followers know to comment under the 150 follower post after  they FOLLOW on Google to let me know who sent them over. Contest ends tomorrow. If we do not reach 150 by tomorrow evening then I will not be sweetening the pot with Sarah's Stamps. Might have to get them for myself  or another reason. But send them on over. Please remember that my blog is new and that ther eis not much in the way of content. The content will be changing soon. I can not wait for all of you to see it. SO while we are dusting offthe shelves for the new content unveiling how about a 150 follower giveaway .You are automatically enetered jsut by already being a follower. There will be 2 sets of prizes as mentioned in the previous post 150 follower giveaway.

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