Sunday, February 20, 2011

I feel so blessed

So  Isee you all have been very, very busy making cards and projects and wow, the competition is great.  All very talented crafters .  The submissions so far have been so outstanding .  It is not quite quitting time so you still have a chance to put in your card and your answers to the question.  Well I feel so blessed to have come as far as I have this week.  Not just because the amount of follwers that I got ut because of the quality of the people who became followers this week.   I have made some new friends, chatted with older friends and even got some phone calls from some new followers.  At first  I was so set on getting those 150 people to my blog.  Then I realized it was not so important to have that many people at once.  It would have been nice but I am so happy with the blessings I have been blessed with this week.  This contest and this week ,a very special week as some of you may know, has really taught me so much.  One thing that comes to mind is that it is important to stay connected with the following you do have.   I do owe some of you an email.  I am trying to get this blogging thing down.   I will be in contact with you all,so please do not feel neglected.  You all are what makes this site so much fun and I want it to be a fun place where you can come and share your creations whether there is achallenge or not.   With all of that said all of you have really made me feel special and blessed by chosing to follow me when you could have not .  I am going to announce the winner/s tomorrow. Even though I did not reach the 150, there will be another surprise besides the DOODLECHARMS Cartridge.  So keep scrappin those cards you still have time to get them in before midnight.  Thanks again and heres to a rockin week here at I'm in Love with a Bug

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  1. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you, and maybe meet up one day. Isn't it weird how things work in our lives. you were just trying to have some fun getting your blog going, and now you have so many new friends to get to know in your life. God is good!! talk to you soon
    Paula Driver NC Gal.