Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DoodleCharms Clarifications - And - Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - I am glad to see your stopping by to see my posts from yesterday.

To be clear on some things, I am going to restate some things because there is a little confusion.  I am known for causing confusion... but not on purpose. Please forgive me if I have confused you.

I officially started blogging YESTERDAY and since the Valentine's holiday was coming up - and this past weekend marked a very special day in my life (some of you know what that is, and for now, I will keep it at that...) I decided to do a contest in honor of all those things.

For the contest I am giving away a DoodleCharms Cartridge for the Cricut.

To enter the contest, you must:

1: Guess the two cuts I used for the card posted with the lady bug on it. The two cuts are the lady bug and the green layer under the ladybug. What cart/s did those cuts come from? Post the answer in the comment section below.

2: Then, make a card using pink, green and black. You do not have to own a Cricut machine to make your card and if you do own a Cricut, you can use any cart you wish as long as you use the stated colors. Upload a picture of your creation below!

3: Then, become a follower and subscribe to my blog!

There will also be a second prize if I meet my goal of 150 followers by Friday of this week.

Good luck - and thank you so much for participating. I really hope everyone has fun playing along.


  1. Hey Stacey,

    Thanks for the cheat sheet :0) I am just now starting to work on things. I already headed to those site HEHEHE :0)

    I hope you make it!!!


  2. Mrs Stacey, did I send the answers to the right place the other day?


  3. THanks for the chance....the answers would be....CELBRATIONS FOR THE GREEN PART..AND DOODLECHARMS FOR THE LADYBUG!!...LOVE YOUR CARD!!

  4. Thanks for a fun challenge!! I believe the Lady Bug is from DoodleCharms and the Celebrations for the other one! I actually used that same cut on a project today! :)