Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ive been MIA and changes

Hello my lovely, bloggy, scrappy friends. I have been MIA the last few weeks. So many people have emailed to see why and I can only say it has been super duper busy around here. I have had some sick people in my house , spoken with some of my fellow crafters about expanding some of my ideas on what I want to incorperate into my blog and have been planning with a new frien on some super cool fun stuff. Paula Quick Driver lives about an hour from me. She is quite the crafty girl.  We have spoken via fb email and phone and are trying to make plan together to have a ustream and do some videos.  I'm so very excited about that.  So many things to talk about.
 I have an idea for my blog that I'm am wanting to try out. I want to have a theme  for each day of the week or certain days of the week and feature different ideas.  Such as using the Cricut Cake for cake and cookie decorating one day. Matching party decor and invite the next day. Throw in a challenge on another day and so on. I have had people asking me to do lots of party stuff for them and I am so flattered.  I just love a fun birthdya party.  I love the coordinaing the planning ,the cake the food the fun and most especially all the little details that make it all come together.  So I think instead of this just being a place to share all things crafts  I would really love to bring some party fun to this blog. I will be posting pics soon of past parties and also things I think would make fora great theme.  I would love for you to share your ideas and what has and has not worked for you in the past.  So heres to partying and papercrafting.  I so hope you all will continue to enjoy .


  1. Stacey - i love your enthusiasm and your ideas - you sound so much like me. i have ideas bursting out of my head that it hurts!! lol theres just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. looking forward to what you got coming up. hope you might wanna take part in my RAK club or challenges.

  2. yippy yay!!! I cant wait for us to get together and our brains EXPLODE with ideas and things to do. xo paula

  3. H-e-l-l-ooooooooo? I missed your post today on the blog hop. Wondering if you're hoppin' with us today? Hope you're okay!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  4. If this is your post for the blog hop - can't wait to see all the upcoming party items. I am a new follower
    mmlmn at polarcomm dot com